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UNIWRAP, the most chosen one by professionals!
IT leads Korean food packaging culture.


  • 1977

    Mass production of polypropylene adhesive tape for packaging by (the former) Seo Tong Chemical

  • 1978

    Extension of adhesive COATING unit 2


  • 1985

    Established in Dept. of Technical Development
    UNIWRAP unit 1 starting mass production

  • 1986

    Extension of adhesive COATING unit 3

  • 1989

    Established in labaratory


  • 1994

    UNIWRAP unit 2 starting mass production
    Established Tapex Ltd. (foreign investment corporation)

  • 1998

    Certified as a venture corporation

  • 1999

    Extension of adhesive COATING unit 7


  • 2002

    Launching ceremony of TPM innovative movement
    Awarded as a model corporation for new labor-management culture
    (by Minitry of Labor)

  • 2003

    Extension and reorganization of technology laboratory

  • 2004

    Awarded as a promising small and medium-sized corporation (by Incheon Metropolitan City)

  • 2005

    Awarded as a technology innovation-type small and medium-sized businesses

  • 2007

    Awarded as a Learning Organization Readiness company (by Korea Industrial Human Resources Corporation)
    Awarded as a management-innovative small and medium-sized enterprise

  • 2008

    Awarded as a company specializing in parts and materials (by Ministry of Knowledge Economy)


  • 2016

    Release of UNIWRAP Chef Gloves

  • 2020

    Release of UNIWRAP Plastic Bag Utility Box

  • 2021

    Release of UNIWRAP Sliding Cutting Wrap

  • 2022

    Release of UNIWRAP Automatic Packaging Wrap