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Chef Glove

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UNIRAP Chef's Gloves Ivory (Large, 24 X 13)

UNIRAP Chef's Gloves Ivory Large, 24 X 13
- High tensile, stretchable, and soft
- Non-slip with finger embossing
- Non-peeling with non-slip banding
- Can use smartphones while wearing gloves
- Anti-allergy with powder-free and synthetic rubber
- Can be worn on both hands regardless of left or right
- Versatile use in a variety of environments with various colors
- Safe to contact with food as no harmful substances detected


Product Width(cm) Length(cm) Material Color Tensile Strength(kg/15mm) Stretch(%)
UNIWRAP Chef's Gloves 24 13 Latex Ivory Min 14 mPa Min 500

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